Born of Him Ministries Update July 28, 2012

We have been told that people are encouraged when we update them about Born of Him Ministries. So here goes. We ask that you pray for the people we are able to witness to; that God will convict the lost and send people to disciple them.

Greg Marlin, the founder of Born of Him is currently in London witnessing during the Olympics with Sports Fan Outreach International and he’s been very busy. He did tell us today that he witnessed to Alicia from Oklahoma who was being convicted by God. Our amazing God truly works in mysterious ways. He used an open-air preacher from Missouri to reach a lost soul in Oklahoma while both of them were in London, England. Please pray for her salvation.

Back in Springfield, I couldn’t find anyone to go out witnessing in downtown Springfield, so I prayed about it and knew that God wanted me to go out anyway. Brad St. Clair with Repent and Turn Ministries couldn’t join me either, but he reminded me that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were going out with me.

I was able to get into several really good conversations with people. I had a great conversation with Larry and Leanna (they were not together, but they were both homeless). They listened intently while I shared the Gospel with them. God graciously allowed me to completely share with them, but the whole time a transvestite who claimed to be an angel, kept trying to interrupt me. The “fallen angel” said that he has lived for 80,000 years and that he was here to tell everyone that we are all gods as long as we have love inside of us and we’ll just keep coming back. He also claimed that the Bible isn’t really God’s Word and that we need to check it out for ourselves through other sources. He obviously wasn’t open to hearing the truth, so I thanked him for his time and moved on. Again, I thank God that I was able to share the Gospel with Larry and Leanna. Please pray that God will save them and provide housing for both of them.

Then I handed out several tracts for a while, including some to a group of about seven teenagers. They all took a tract and then one of them said ‘read the back’ then another one said “hail Satan.”

After that I got into the best conversation of the night. I talked to Heather, D’Arian and Big Mike. They were all three together, but God allowed me to talk to each one individually while we were standing there. D’Aarin wouldn’t say what he needed prayer for, but asked me to pray for him. Heather is an ex-drug addict who has previously had three children taken away from her, she previously did whatever she needed to for drugs and she believed that she was so damaged and so hopeless that God wouldn’t save her. Big Mike was forced out of his home and needs a job (he’s a cook and/or can do other restaurant work. Let me know if you know anyone hiring in Springfield, MO). These three people broke my heart. There was so much heart break, damage and hopelessness between the three of them, but they really listened as I witnessed to them. They allowed me to pray for them before they had to leave. Please pray for their salvation and that God will free them from all addictions, heal their emotional needs and provide for their physical needs.

Then I headed toward my car and I was past the square and near the parking lot when I walked by a couple hugging each other. I turned around and offered them a Bible and they said that they were homeless and they were afraid that it would get wet and be ruined. So I shared the Gospel with them and gave them a couple of different tracts. His name is Jason and her name is Kerry. While we were talking, Kerry mentioned that she was hungry. I told them I’d buy them a hamburger if they wanted one. They said they were starving, so we walked over to Whislers. (I’ve never eaten there, but I’ve heard that they have good food). I only had $10 on me, so I told them they could order up to that amount. They ordered five hamburgers and a drink and that was it. They both had tears in their eyes when I said I needed to leave and they both hugged me. Please pray for their salvation and their housing needs. They need approximately $200 for bus tickets to get to Reno, Nevada where Jason has a job lined up if they can get there.

I was walking back to my car and I walked around a corner and there was a woman standing there and a man was in front of her holding a Bible. I mentioned that you don’t see that very often and he said that he was getting read to preach. I said preach on brother! He preached a wonderful message from Ephesians 2:1-9. Then I said do you mind if I go and he said not at all. I preached from John 3:16-20;36. His name is Tyler and her name is Hope. After I preached, Tyler went again. People walking by blasphemed Jesus, yelled at us to shut up, cussed us out and one guy threatened Tyler while he was preaching, but he walked on by. It was so encouraging running into both of them. I exchanged phone numbers with Tyler and I told him I’d let them know the next time we go out witnessing. Please pray that God blesses this young couple and that they continue to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Even though Jesus has defeated Satan (Hebrews 2:14-15), the devil is running around like a lion seeing who he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan is alive and kicking (Ephesians 6:12). If you don’t believe me, just go downtown any given Friday or Saturday night in Springfield, MO. The forces of evil are out there. We need to present the glorious Gospel of Jesus to this lost and dying world. Share your faith with others!

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Nothing from Nothing Leaves…

A couple of us were recently street witnessing in downtown Springfield, MO and we talked to an atheist who said that he only believed in science and evolution. (Please note the theory of evolution came from Charles Darwin and it used to be called a theory and somehow it now passes as science. Funny thing is, even Darwin himself said that if his theory was right, that we would find millions of transitory fossils within 50 years. It’s been over 150 years and we are still waiting to find them).

The atheist we visited with said that he believed in the Big Bang Theory (again another theory that passes as science). We asked him why it happened and reasoned with him that if he was correct then eventually you had to come to to the conclusion that nothing created everything. In other words, the universe and every living thing all started at a point in time where there was nothing and then all of a sudden, without any explanation, just magically, something appeared. Then that something combined with some other somethings that just appeared and they combined into an explosion that scientist call the big bang.

Do you see how utterly crazy this theory is? Billy Preston had a hit song back in 1974 called Nothing from Nothing. Now Billy Preston was no scholar, but even he understood that nothing from nothing leaves nothing! You can also state this as a mathematical equation: 0 – 0 = 0. Zero minus zero equals zero. Wait, there’s more. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing. Again, mathematically, 0 + 0 = 0.

Please don’t believe a delusion. Nothing creates nothing. Take a big pile of nothing and wait around for a while and see if it changes into money. It doesn’t matter how long you wait (even millions or billions of years), your pile of nothing will still be…that’s right, nothing.  It’s absolutely absurd. Nothing plus nothing still gets you nothing.

Don’t hate God so much that you would rather believe in a fairy tale; that you would believe in nothing in order to not believe in the One true God, the creator of the universe (Genesis 1:1) and the creator of all of us (Jeremiah 1:5).

Don’t believe in nothing and likewise don’t believe in everything you hear. Believe what God’s Holy Word says because the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it is God breathed (2 Timothy 3:16). Believing in the great Creator who made everything makes much more sense than believing that everything came from nothing. Also, believe in the Truth. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).

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No I’m Good

“Did you get one of these?” or “Did you get your million?” are questions that we typically ask while we are handing out gospel tracts. Frequently, people will say, “No, I’m good.” Sometimes we’ll respond back, “that is THE question: How good are you?”

What they don’t realize, is that they are answering the real question we want to ask them (and it’s on the back of the tract): Are you good enough to go to Heaven? That’s why we go out witnessing. We are concerned about where people will spend eternity. The reason we go out witnessing is because most people think that they are good. Proverbs 20:6 (KJV) states “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” So the Bible even tells us that most people think that they are good.

Psalm 14:1 states The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. None of us are good, none of us are righteous on our own (Romans 3:10-12). Righteousness is credited to true believers only through the righteousness of the Son of God, Jesus.

Jesus Christ, the sinless one, died a horrible death on the cross for guilty sinners. God’s wrath was poured out on Him for our sins. Then he rose from the dead on the third day. He defeated sin, death and Hell. Jesus is the only way to salvation. You must turn from your sins and put your trust in Jesus. Then, God will see you through the righteousness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instead of your own unrighteousness.

Some people may intellectually know this, but they have never truly surrendered their life to Jesus. They are going through life thinking that they are “good.” That they are “alright” the way they are. They don’t realize that Jesus said that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8).

Friends, all includes everyone who is trusting in their own “goodness” to save themselves. They are storing up wrath for themselves on the day of judgment (Romans 2:5). Please don’t go through life thinking that you are alright – that you are good person. Don’t continue saying “No, I’m good.” Cry out to God to have mercy on you, repent and believe the Gospel. Put your faith in Jesus today.


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Outreach @ Diversity Weekend 2012

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade is hostile to the Gospel

Saturday March 17, 2012 several of us went to the Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade to share the Gospel with people. The game plan was to get there early so that we could preach to the crowds who were setting up for the parade and then walk the parade route and give out Gospel tracts.

When the preaching began we immediately encountered resistance. The event staff did not want us to be there telling us that we were not going to have any kind of religious meeting. I explained to the staff person that since this was the St. Patrick’s Day parade I simply wanted to begin with sharing some history on the life story of St. Patrick. During the preaching the crowds became hostile some were calling us names and one person tried to kick the stool out from under me. Despite the difficult time preaching the tract distribution along the parade route went great with several thousand people receiving tracts.

The story of St. Patrick

St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland who was born in 373 A.D., along the banks of the River Clyde in what is now called Scotland. His father was a deacon, and his grandfather a priest. At that time the Scotland area was tormented by Irish pirates who would sweep into the villages, pillage and burn the houses, and then kidnap the children. When Patrick was about 16, raiders descended on his home town. His house was burned and when one of the pirates spotted him hiding in the bushes he was seized. The pirates hauled Patrick aboard a ship and took him to Ireland where he was sold into slavery.

Patrick lived the life of a poor slave. His owner made him keep the pigs and sheep which meant he was often exposed to frost, rain, and snow. It was during this time in his life that he starting thinking more about the God of his father and grandfather. At age 22, Patrick submitted his life to Jesus Christ saying, “The Lord opened my mind to an awareness of my unbelief, in order that, even so late, I might remember my transgressions and turn with all my heart to the Lord my God.”

Shortly thereafter, in vivid dreams, Patrick sensed the Lord telling him, “See, your ship is ready.” Mounting a daring escape, Patrick traveled many miles afoot to a harbor where, at the last moment, he jumped aboard a ship. He eventually arrived back home to Scotland, where his overjoyed family begged him to never leave again.

When God saves someone through the Gospel it changes a person so that they now see the world in a completely different way. They now have a love for other people which flows from a love for the Savior. This love compels us believers to want to share the Gospel with others so that they too might come to a saving faith in the Lord. This is what happened to Patrick, he couldn’t get his mind off of his Irish captors. One night, in a dream Patrick dreamt of an Irish man who begged him to come evangelize Ireland.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but Patrick, about 30 years of age, packed up, said his good-byes, and returned back to Ireland with only one book tucked under his arm, the Bible. As he evangelized the countryside, multitudes came to listen. The superstitious Druids constantly opposed him, and he repeatedly narrowly escaped assassination plots. Despite these difficult hostile circumstances the Lord was with him and his preaching was powerful. The Lord caused thousands to be converted through the Word as he preached and many new churches were established.

Patrick said, “For I am very much God’s debtor, who gave me such grace that many people were reborn in God through me and afterwards confirmed, and that ministers were ordained for them everywhere, for a people just coming to the faith.”

Patrick loved the people of Ireland and wanted to give them the lasting gift of the Gospel. In his book titled, “Confessions” Patrick writes the following:

“I nevertheless wish that my brethren and kinsmen should know what sort of person I am, so that they may understand my heart’s desire. . . . I ought to cry out aloud and so also render something to the Lord for His great benefits . . . . I must spread everywhere the name of God so that after my death I may leave a gift to my brethren and sons whom I have baptized in the Lord—so many thousands of people.”

Following in St. Patrick’s footsteps

The most fitting thing we can do to honor St. Patrick on St. Patrick ’s Day is to do what he would of done when he saw a large Irish crowd and that is to preach the good news of the Gospel. So that’s what we did this March 17, 2012 at the Springfield St. Patrick Day Parade. The crowd was hostile but the Gospel went out. After explaining sin and it consequences, we told them of the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross. We pleaded with people to come and be reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ but they did not want to hear it. It pains me to see people reject the free saving gift of the Gospel but the results are not up to us but to God and we simply trust in His Word.

Isaiah 55:11 (ESV)

11    so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;

it shall not return to me empty,

but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,

and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

Click here to read more about our time at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade from our friend Brad St.Clair with Repent and Turn Ministries


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Dave Ramsey Embarrassed by Open Air Preacher

On February 27, 2012 Todd Friel with Wretched Radio played a snippet of Dave Ramsey complaining about all the open air preachers at the Super Bowl and especially about one that called him out by name. Take a listen:


Four of us with Born of Him Ministries were at the Super Bowl doing open air preaching with the Super Bowl Outreach. There were 110 open air preachers from around the country that surrounded the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. We were  in nine groups, so Mr. Ramsey was correct that we probably had the stadium pretty well covered.

The ironic thing is the Greg Marlin, the founder of Born of Him Ministries was on the box, open air preaching when Dave Ramsey walked by us. Greg did call out his name, hoping that Mr. Ramsey would engage in a conversation because Mr. Ramsey is well known and he probably could have drawn a very large crowd.

But when Mr. Ramsey heard his name called out, he just raised his hand in the air and waived. He honestly didn’t seem too embarrassed to me at the time. The ministry partners with Born of Him Ministries are sorry to hear that Mr. Ramsey felt embarrassed. We are sorry to hear when any Christian is ashamed or embarrassed when the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is being proclaimed in the open air.

We want to publicly thank Todd Friel with Wretched Radio for being so kind on his radio show to open air preachers. Mr. Friel played a little bit of someone yelling at Rosie O’Donnell after he played the Dave Ramsey segment.

The person that yelled at Rosie O’Donnell has a much different style of preaching than we do. We don’t call people names. All of us are born with a sinful nature. The Bible clearly states that if Jesus Christ is not your Lord and Savior while you are alive on this earth,  then you will spend eternity in Hell after you die.

At Born of Him Ministries, we try very hard to get people to see their sinful nature and we warn them that they need to flee from the wrath of God (John 3:36). After we go through God’s Law with people, we then tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ because the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16).

Again, we thank Mr. Friel for his kindness to the many open air preachers around the country who proclaim the Law and the Gospel. As Mr. Friel so wisely pointed out on his show, there are many people in America that don’t know the Law and they don’t understand the need for a savior. So open air preaching is not only biblical, it is much needed in our day and time.

Back to Dave Ramsey and the Super Bowl. Greg Marlin was very kind to Mr. Ramsey. When Mr. Ramsey continued walking by us, Greg did say something like “people, you need to flee from sin and run to Jesus like a gazelle.” I thought it was quite clever and appropriate to say.

As far as Mr. Ramsey being embarrassed or ashamed of open air preachers, all of us at Born of Him sincerely hope and pray that Jesus Christ our Lord is not ashamed of Mr. Ramsey on Judgment Day.  Christians, you should never be embarrassed by the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, in public or in private.

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Why Do You Deceive People with Million Dollar Bill Tracts?

Someone recently questioned Born of Him Ministries about the use of Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts. They said we are trying to deceive people into thinking that they are receiving real money when we hand them a tract.

If anyone asks us if the MDB we hand out is real, we always tell them that it is not real money, but that it “has a real question on the back” or that “it is real paper.” We don’t try to deceive them, we don’t try to fool them into thinking that it is real money. There are no real million dollar bills in America. (Zimbabwe actually printed a 100 Trillion dollar bill during their time of hyper-inflation).

In Matthew 6:24, Jesus said, “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

2 Corinthians 4:4 states, “In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” Satan, the little “g” god of this world has already deceived many people through their love of money. He will use any means to keep people spiritually blind.

So, yes, we use Million Dollar Bill Gospel tracts to get people’s attention. Our goal is to get them to turn the MDB over and read a clear presentation of the Gospel on the back side. Our purpose is to spread the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. That is our desire; for God to use the tracts to open the eyes of people who are already deceived. Our hope and prayer is that they will see the light of Jesus.


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Super Bowl Outreach 2012

We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him at the Super Bowl Outreach, by proclaiming the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. All praise and honor be to God and we thank Almighty God for His protection over our families and ourselves. We pray that God will grow the increase with the seeds that were planted Super Bowl weekend in Indianapolis.

Born of Him Ministries also appreciates the prayers from our loved ones, our friends and our churches during SBO. It was such a blessing to meet and to serve God alongside over 100 evangelists from around the country. The weather was in the 30′s and 40′s, which we were also very grateful for.

We are thankful for each an every encounter we had through handing out Gospel tracts, witnessing one to one and open air preaching. It was such a thrill to see so many team members get up on the box for the first time. (There were 13 members on our team and they were from Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and Florida). We pray that everyone will continue sharing their faith with others, now that they are back home. Several of us are already talking about going to SBO next year – to New Orleans – God willing.

SBO Video
Super Bowl Outreach 2012

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How an Abortion Saved the Lives of Many

This is an amazing video provided by Home Educating Family Association.
Had to share it for this coming “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday”. Then read the article:

How an Abortion Saved the Lives of Many from Rebecca Keliher on Vimeo.

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Are You Healthy?

Some people go to the doctor once every year for a physical checkup, for an examination. People do this to see if they are in good health. The doctor examines you to see if you have any undiagnosed health problems.

The same way a doctor examines our physical health, we are to examine our spiritual health. In 2 Cor. 13:5, the apostle Paul says “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? – unless indeed you fail to meet the test.”

I’m afraid a lot of people mistakenly think that because God is love that He will forgive them no matter what they have done. God is love. God is forgiving and He is full of grace. But this love, forgiveness and grace is not cart blanche. It is not given to everyone. In other words, salvation is not universal. Not everything goes. That’s why the apostle Paul said that we are to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith.

The standard for this examination is very high – it is perfection. The standard for salvation is the perfect Law, the 10 Commandments. Have you kept all of the 10 Commandments all of your life? Of course not. None of us have. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. We have all sinned against our Holy God (Romans 3:23). The penalty for missing the mark is eternal separation from God in a very real place called Hell.

Now here’s where the love, forgiveness and grace from God comes in. God realizes that none of us can meet His perfect standard. That’s why He sent Jesus to live and walk on this earth 2,000 years ago. Jesus did what none of us can do. He lived a perfect sinless life. He never sinned in thought, word or deed. Then He died an unimaginably painful death on the cross for guilty sinners. On the third day He rose from the grave. Jesus defeated sin and death. Jesus meets the perfect standard of God.

God offers us eternal salvation through Jesus Christ if we repent and put our trust in Jesus. Salvation is by the grace of God alone (Eph. 2:8-9). There is nothing we can do to earn it. We can’t be good enough. We can never make up for the mountain of sin debt that we have accumulated.  But God made a way for us through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We need to acknowledge that we are sinners. We need to recognize that we can’t earn salvation on our own. Then we need to repent  by turning away from our sins and put our faith in Jesus. We surrender our lives completely to Him. Then through Jesus, God sees believers as being perfect. Not due to anything on our part, but solely on the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Please examine yourself and see if you are truly in the faith. Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? Have you truly surrendered your life to Him? If you’ve been playing church or going along with the crowd, please stop doing this. Today is the day of salvation. Get right with God today. Universalism is wishful thinking. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for everyone. He died on the cross for those who turn from their sins and put their trust in Him. Examine yourself today and make sure that you are really saved.


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