Born of Him Ministries Update July 28, 2012

We have been told that people are encouraged when we update them about Born of Him Ministries. So here goes. We ask that you pray for the people we are able to witness to; that God will convict the lost and send people to disciple them.

Greg Marlin, the founder of Born of Him is currently in London witnessing during the Olympics with Sports Fan Outreach International¬†and he’s been very busy. He did tell us today that he witnessed to Alicia from Oklahoma who was being convicted by God. Our amazing God truly works in mysterious ways. He used an open-air preacher from Missouri to reach a lost soul in Oklahoma while both of them were in London, England. Please pray for her salvation.

Back in Springfield, I couldn’t find anyone to go out witnessing in downtown Springfield, so I prayed about it and knew that God wanted me to go out anyway. Brad St. Clair with Repent and Turn Ministries¬†couldn’t join me either, but he reminded me that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were going out with me.

I was able to get into several really good conversations with people. I had a great conversation with Larry and Leanna (they were not together, but they were both homeless). They listened intently while I shared the Gospel with them. God graciously allowed me to completely share with them, but the whole time a transvestite who claimed to be an angel, kept trying to interrupt me. The “fallen angel” said that he has lived for 80,000 years and that he was here to tell everyone that we are all gods as long as we have love inside of us and we’ll just keep coming back. He also claimed that the Bible isn’t really God’s Word and that we need to check it out for ourselves through other sources. He obviously wasn’t open to hearing the truth, so I thanked him for his time and moved on. Again, I thank God that I was able to share the Gospel with Larry and Leanna. Please pray that God will save them and provide housing for both of them.

Then I handed out several tracts for a while, including some to a group of about seven teenagers. They all took a tract and then one of them said ‘read the back’ then another one said “hail Satan.”

After that I got into the best conversation of the night. I talked to Heather, D’Arian and Big Mike. They were all three together, but God allowed me to talk to each one individually while we were standing there. D’Aarin wouldn’t say what he needed prayer for, but asked me to pray for him. Heather is an ex-drug addict who has previously had three children taken away from her, she previously did whatever she needed to for drugs and she believed that she was so damaged and so hopeless that God wouldn’t save her. Big Mike was forced out of his home and needs a job (he’s a cook and/or can do other restaurant work. Let me know if you know anyone hiring in Springfield, MO). These three people broke my heart. There was so much heart break, damage and hopelessness between the three of them, but they really listened as I witnessed to them. They allowed me to pray for them before they had to leave. Please pray for their salvation and that God will free them from all addictions, heal their emotional needs and provide for their physical needs.

Then I headed toward my car and I was past the square and near the parking lot when I walked by a couple hugging each other. I turned around and offered them a Bible and they said that they were homeless and they were afraid that it would get wet and be ruined. So I shared the Gospel with them and gave them a couple of different tracts. His name is Jason and her name is Kerry. While we were talking, Kerry mentioned that she was hungry. I told them I’d buy them a hamburger if they wanted one. They said they were starving, so we walked over to Whislers. (I’ve never eaten there, but I’ve heard that they have good food). I only had $10 on me, so I told them they could order up to that amount. They ordered five hamburgers and a drink and that was it. They both had tears in their eyes when I said I needed to leave and they both hugged me. Please pray for their salvation and their housing needs. They need approximately $200 for bus tickets to get to Reno, Nevada where Jason has a job lined up if they can get there.

I was walking back to my car and I walked around a corner and there was a woman standing there and a man was in front of her holding a Bible. I mentioned that you don’t see that very often and he said that he was getting read to preach. I said preach on brother! He preached a wonderful message from Ephesians 2:1-9. Then I said do you mind if I go and he said not at all. I preached from John 3:16-20;36. His name is Tyler and her name is Hope. After I preached, Tyler went again. People walking by blasphemed Jesus, yelled at us to shut up, cussed us out and one guy threatened Tyler while he was preaching, but he walked on by. It was so encouraging running into both of them. I exchanged phone numbers with Tyler and I told him I’d let them know the next time we go out witnessing. Please pray that God blesses this young couple and that they continue to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Even though Jesus has defeated Satan (Hebrews 2:14-15), the devil is running around like a lion seeing who he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan is alive and kicking (Ephesians 6:12). If you don’t believe me, just go downtown any given Friday or Saturday night in Springfield, MO. The forces of evil are out there. We need to present the glorious Gospel of Jesus to this lost and dying world. Share your faith with others!

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